In a significant development, the security forces achieved a major breakthrough in the insurgency infested Longding District, Arunachal Pradesh on the intervening night of 17Apr/18 Apr 2023. The joint team of Longding Battalion of Assam Rifles and District Police nabbed Self Styled Captain Wangbet Wangjen, a hardcore insurgent of NSCN K-YA. 

     The apprehended cadre was a Self Styled Rajapio of Kanubari area of Wancho Region, responsible for orchestrating illegal extortion drive in Longding District on behalf of his faction. He has confessed his involvement in threatening villagers and bussinesmen to extort money in the recent past. 

      Earlier in May 2022, the dreaded insurgent had kidnapped the Head Gaon Burah of Laukxim village in Kanubari area of Longding District for defying his faction’s extortion demands. The enraged villagers had subsequently staged a mass protest rally against the illegal action of the faction on 09 May 22.

     The arrest of the insurgent assumes significance because he was one was the key leader’s of NSCN K-YA who have been involved in intimidating locals of Wancho region to pay illegal taxes in last one year. 

     The relentless successful operations by security forces in Longding District has generated a sustained pressure on the insurgent groups. Also for the locals, it is a big relief from the unjustified demands of the insurgent groups. 

Self Styled Captain Wangbet Wangjen is being handed over to Longding Police Station for further investigation.

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