Heavy rains in Arunachal Pradesh sever key connectivity to China border

Itanagar, July 1: Arunachal Pradesh is facing severe disruption due to heavy rains over the past five days, causing major flooding and isolation of the border district of Kurung. The surging waters of the Kurung River, which have risen above the danger mark, have washed away a crucial bridge, cutting off this strategically significant district from the rest of India.

Kurung district, which borders China, is now isolated, impacting 34 surrounding villages. The destroyed bridge was a vital link connecting Kurung Kume district with Sangram district and extending further to key regions such as Palim, Yachuli, Yazali, and the state capital, Itanagar. Most critically, this bridge facilitated connectivity to Sarli and Huri, areas near the China border.

Koloriang MLA Pani Taram, who was likely to travel to Itanagar, is also stuck in his home village due to the collapse of the bridge. He has visited and inspected the washed-away bridge, highlighting the urgent need for restoration to reestablish connectivity and support the affected communities.

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