Rubber board’s INROAD project promises agricultural transformation in Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar, Feb 01: The Rubber Board of India, in collaboration with the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA), is set to revolutionize rubber cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh with the launch of the INROAD project. This initiative, unveiled to address the rising demand for natural rubber, aims to expand rubber-growing areas by an ambitious 2 lakh hectares over the next five years.

Officially named the Indian Natural Rubber Operation for Assisted Development (INROAD), the project is designed to provide free rubber planting materials and comprehensive support to boost rubber cultivation in the northeastern states. Arunachal Pradesh is poised to receive a substantial distribution of free rubber planting materials, covering an expansive 4000 hectares in the current year.

Under the INROAD scheme, individuals interested in rubber cultivation can avail themselves of free planting materials for up to 5 hectares of land. The Rubber Board ensures technical guidance throughout the cultivation process, from planting to processing. Applicants must, however, meet specific criteria, including compliance with Rubber Board standards for cultivation. Notably, paddy fields and reserve forests are ineligible for assistance, and absolute land ownership is a prerequisite.

Recognizing the versatility of natural rubber, utilized in over 40,000 products, the project presents a significant opportunity for economic growth. The automobile sector, constituting 70% of the country’s demand for rubber, stands to benefit substantially from increased domestic supply. The INROAD project is poised to empower northeastern states, utilizing their vast agricultural potential for sustainable economic development.

Prospective participants are encouraged to reach out to their nearest Rubber Board Office to initiate the application process. This involves submitting necessary documents, followed by a meticulous field verification process to assess land suitability. Successful applicants will receive the essential planting materials to kickstart their rubber cultivation journey.

The Rubber Board Regional Office in Itanagar, situated at Zero Point (opposite the second gate of Hotel Arun Subansiri), serves as the central hub for inquiries. Additionally, field stations located in Ruksin, Silapathar, and Pasighat are available for on-ground support. For any queries or assistance related to the scheme, individuals can contact 8133900158 or 8918475758, email [email protected], or visit the regional office or field stations on any working day.

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