GBPNIHE-NERC empowers students to tackle climate change in the Himalayan ecosystem

GBPNIHE-NERC organized the “From Classroom to Conservation” awareness program at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya in Arunachal Pradesh. Attended by 176 participants, the event highlighted the crucial role educational institutions play in shaping environmental consciousness.

Er. Tridipa Biswas, Scientist-C at GBPNIHE-NERC, spearheaded the program, emphasizing students’ pivotal role in community resilience. Practical suggestions included climate exploration and tree-planting drives. Dr. Wishfully Mylliemngap stressed community engagement, while Dr. Sivaranjani S focused on climate impacts on agriculture. Dr. Mriganka Shekhar Sarkar highlighted biodiversity effects.

The program aimed to empower students for informed decision-making and foster a sustainable future. Mr. Ranjeet Singh concluded the event, emphasizing the importance of education and community involvement in addressing climate change challenges.

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