Dy CMChowna Mein Commemorates Tai Ahom Culture at 11th POI ME DAM ME PHI Festival in Krishnapur

Lekang, January 31 – The Tai Ahom Development Society celebrated the 11th edition of Poi Me Dam Me Phi in Krishnapur, Lekang, where Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein graced the event as the Chief Guest. The festival, a cornerstone of Tai Ahom traditions, reveres departed ancestors through traditional rituals.

During the festivities, Mein paid homage to Tai Ahom forefathers, extending Me-Dam-Me-Phi greetings to the community in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Stressing the festival’s role in uniting the community, he called for the preservation of Tai Ahom heritage, citing the festival’s significance. Mein reflected on pivotal Ahom figures Sukaphaa and Lachit Borphukan, highlighting their historical contributions to Assam.

Emphasizing the festival’s role in cultural exchange, Mein drew parallels with Arunachal’s diverse cultures, underlining a shared commitment to preserving cultural identity. Discussing broader cultural preservation, he mentioned ongoing efforts to recognize Arunachal’s unsung heroes and document its history.

The event, attended by notable figures like MLAs Jummum Ete Deori, Laisam Simai, Mutchu Mithi, Somlung Mossang, District BJP President Chau Sujana Namchoom, and Dr. Hemanta Gogoi, Chairman of the Society for Tai-Ahom Researcher, showcased the vibrant Tai Ahom culture’s enduring contribution to Assam’s cultural mosaic.

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