Khonsa highway division launches inspection for slope protection and damage mitigation

Khonsa, January 31: Taking a proactive stance against slope-related challenges affecting major highway projects, the Khonsa Highway Division conducted a comprehensive inspection led by Abey Kumar, Executive Engineer from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

Accompanied by Neeraj Agarwal, Director of Teridam Hydro Developer Corporation (THDC), the expert team focused on assessing the Longding-Tissa-Khonsa (NH215), Hukanjuri-Khonsa (NH315A), and Changlang Khonsa Road (NH215). Special attention was given to the Luthong Sinking Zone, a critical area that significantly disrupted traffic flow during the last monsoon season.

Er. Nani Tath, Executive Engineer Highway, underscored the persistent challenges faced by the department and contractors in maintaining traffic flow near Luthong village. Despite two restoration attempts as per the contract agreement, the recurrent sliding of the road formation remained a major concern.

Responding to these challenges, two Chief Engineers had previously inspected the site. Today, the expert team arrives to assess the extent of damages and explore potential slope protection and mitigation measures. The initiative aims to formulate a comprehensive plan to address the sinking areas and prevent future disruptions.

Er. Nani Tath expressed optimism about the outcome of the expert evaluation, anticipating effective measures to restore the Luthong Sinking Zone and secure other vulnerable areas along the highway projects. The ultimate goal is to implement enduring solutions ensuring stability, safety, and uninterrupted traffic flow on these crucial routes.

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