Dr. Taba Khanna Elected Senior Vice President of AIFGDA; Dr. Komling Perme Assumes Role as Joint Secretary

The medical community rejoices as Dr. Taba Khanna is elected as the Senior Vice President of the prestigious All India Federation of Government Doctors’ Association (AIFGDA). Dr. Khanna’s achievement reflects his dedication and contribution to the healthcare sector.

Further adding to this remarkable feat is the appointment of Dr. Komling Perme, the distinguished President of the Arunachal Pradesh Doctors’ Association (APDA), as the Joint Secretary (North East) of AIFGDA. Dr. Perme’s inclusion in the national body showcases the growing influence of regional doctors’ associations.

The collaboration between APDA and AIFGDA symbolizes a united front, demonstrating their commitment to address critical issues that affect the medical fraternity. Together, they aim to strengthen doctors’ unity, uphold their dignity, enhance welfare, and actively engage in shaping health policy.

The APDA Central Executive Member wholeheartedly congratulates Dr. Taba Khanna and Dr. Komling Perme on their well-deserved appointments, wishing them immense success in their future endeavors.

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