Union Minister Kiren Rijiju inaugurated permanent seismic observatory centre at Bomdila

BOMDILA, DEC 10 : The Union Minister for earth science Kiren Rijiju on Sunday has inaugurated the permanent seismic observatory centre near Government college, Bomdila in West Kameng district in presence of huge gathering of officers, officials and public and PRI leaders.

While inaugurating the much needed centre of department of earth science which would be much helpful for to know about the earth quick in an approximate area of 1000 kilometer and it would help in various other weather related information which would be helpful for general masses. Dedicating the centre to the people of country, the Union Minister said that this centre has been established by centre for earth science & Himalayan studies, Government of Arunachal Pradesh in coordination with national centre for seismology, ministry of earth science and will be utilized for various purposes to know about the earth science and weather forecast. He said.

This centre will be 158th station of country and 23rd of north east and 7th in state. Four more such station is proposed in state and it will be established soon. Apart of sesmic observatory centre the ministry is also establishing more such centers and station related to weather forecast. Data depository centre will also be established which will help in collecting data for various science of earth, glacier, mountain weather and other and all these datas will be utilized for various study and help for farmers, general public in proposing various plan and policy for the infrastructure and development. An agreement has also been signed between the GOI and GoAP. We have to do more and more observation in science related and service related to glacier logy, earth science and few years we can be able to know and learn more about the science in earth, mountain, glacier and others. He said.

Today was a good programme and I also attended a Sankalp yatra of Bikshit Bharat and several certificates were distributed to the beneficiaries on the occasion. 

I have received a memorandum form the Minister Science & Technology Honchun Ngandam today and a letter was also received from the chief minister and I will discuss with the chief minister and minister concern and will ensure the prosper development and progress of the department in state, region and country. Rijiju said.

Several proposals are underway to earn economy and boos up the economy of the country and the ministry is working on it to strengthened the Indian metrological department and other scientific research organisation of country. Added Rijiju.

While addressing an awareness progrmme and outreach porgramme at Kameng Hall the union minister Kiren Rijiju has appeal the students and youths to learn and know more about scientific in day today life and also utilize the technological intervention so that the life style become easy and economy progress for a developed nation by 2047.

Minister science & Technology Honchun Ngandam informed that it is a happy occasion that various scientific machine and technology are being established and soon several such weather forecast station and sesmic observatory centre would be established across the state. The improvement and development in science and technology department is also enhancing the work style and help in planning for better activities in various department and government. He ask the youths and general public to avail the benefits of such scientific centers and awareness programme which would help to proposed plan an policy for state and country.

Secretary Earth Science Dr. M Ravichandran informed that the government is planning to set up data centre, Radar centre for state and radar centre for North East. We are also planning to set up around 50 advance weather study centres in state and as of now 7 such stations has been established in state. He said.

Whatever the proposal will come to centre we will study it carefully. Since the government of India has already taken the North East as priority so we want that the development takes place everywhere. He added. 

Director NCS Dr. O P Mishra, Director CES&HS Tage Tana Tara also address the function.

Thrizino MLA Kumsi Sidisaw, MoES Advisor (Scientist-G) head of Outreach programme Dr Jagvir Singh, Secretary Science & Technology Repo Ronya, West Kameng Deputy Commissioner, SP heads of department of various department, public leaders, PRI Leaders and students form various school of Bomdila town take part in awareness programe which takes place at Kameng club hall.

Earlier Rijiju inaugurated an Open Gym at Upper Gonpa and dedicated to the public for maintaining daily exercise to maintain a good health for a healthy body and sound mind.

A momentous occasion unfolded today as Minister Honchun Ngandam joined Union Cabinet Minister for Earth Sciences Kiren Rijiju at the inauguration of Arunachal Pradesh’s first Permanent Seismic Observatory in Bomdila. The event, organized by the Centre for Earth Sciences & Himalayan Studies, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, in collaboration with the National Centre for Seismology, Ministry of Earth Science, Government of India, drew the participation of key figures including M Ravichandran, Secretary, Earth Sciences, GoI, and OP Mishra, Director, National Centre for Seismology.

Situated in seismic Zone V, Arunachal Pradesh faces heightened earthquake vulnerability, making the observatory a critical initiative. With a capacity to cover 1000 kms and beyond, the facility aims to comprehensively study the region’s seismicity, addressing both surface and subsurface aspects.

A significant development accompanying the inauguration was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Centre for Earth Sciences & Himalayan Studies and the Centre for Seismology, Ministry of Earth Science, Government of India.

Furthermore, the official launch of the observatory’s website, graced by the Union Minister, offers real-time meteorological data from stations strategically placed across Arunachal Pradesh. In collaboration with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), 54 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) have been operational over the past year, totaling 80 across the state. These AWS installations play a pivotal role in monitoring weather conditions, issuing nowcasts, and providing crucial information to sectors including agriculture, power, transport, and tourism.

In a day brimming with milestones, Minister Honchun Ngandam also seized the opportunity to attend the inauguration of an Open Air Gym at Shanti Deva Vidhyalaya, led by Union Cabinet Minister Kiren Rijiju, and participated in the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra at Bomdila, as launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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