Talo Potom initiated painting and renovation works of GHSS.

ITANAGAR, FEB 23 : Itanagar complex Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom on Wednesday has initiated the painting and renovation process of the oldest Government Higher Secondary School of the city here at ESS Sector with the outsourcing and his own staff from HTW and others.

Speaking to the media, Potom said what we are today is only due to our past works and achievements. What we are doing will be for the future, our future are our childrens and we should take care of our younger generation. Our childrens are studying in schools and should be fit and fine but the government alone cannot do everything for us but we can do something for others and this is our school and we can do something for the school so that we remember our past and add achievement for the future. Said Potom.

Every government and organisation is governed by certain rules and regulations and without violating any rules and regulations we can contribute something which is necessary for smooth functioning of the school education and other infrastructures. He said.

The most are needs for betterment of society are education, health and communication and it has been observed in various parts of state like East Kameng, Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi that the alumni of various schools are coming forward and contributing something for the development and smooth functioning of the school so it would be better if the alumni of the GHH, Itanagar also come forward and make such organization and take care of the school in most better way. DC said.

I would continue whatever is possible and I shall also take care of the activities but need full support of the students community, teaching community, local leaders, parents, school management committee and others so that every school is taken care of in that way. He said.

I have initiated the painting of the school. I have been informed about the water supply problem which would be resolved in a day as several required materials and water tanks and others are being arranged. 

I have limited funds and if some funds remain with me will also be given to Arunodaya HSS at H Sector. He said.

I will inform Commissioner Padmini Singla who would also visit the school and she is also keen to extend support to the school for its upgradation and development so that this school of the city becomes one of the Model schools and functions smoothly without any problems. Potom added.

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