Priests carry out rituals and prayer programmes for the safety from Covid 19

ITANAGAR, MAY 23: A group of priest led by All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani nibu nijik boss (priest) welfare association (AAPAANWA) President Hari Taro and others has been carrying out ritual and prayer for last three days for the safety of all human being of capital complex and Arunachal Pradesh from the infection of Coronavirus during the covid pandemic and lockdown.

Senior Priest Hari Taro informs that we as a member of the priest community have also the responsibility to perform our rituals and for the last three days we are performing the rituals and conducting prayers for the safety of all human beings irrespective of religion, caste, creed and colour.

We did the same last year also and it is known to all that we suffer very less in comparison to the second wave and the medical sciences are also doing their best effort in saving the life of the human being in the best possible way. At the same time we have also been in our own field and we have firm believe that to remain safe and secure form any unnatural and disaster we have to maintain discipline and the medical science guidelines need to be observed and maintain at any cost and pray almighty that every people in capital complex and state as a whole remain safe from the infection of the coronavirus (Covid 19). He said.

We cannot fight nature and natural disasters but we can remain safe and secure if all sections of society remain alert, maintain all rule of law and we are praying for the safety of all human beings from the disaster which we called as coronavirus as it has been spreading across the world and attacking human life. Taro added.

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