Nyishi people should lead the state as big brother in best possible way for peace, progress and development-Phosum Khimhun

YUPIA, FEB 26 : The Nyishi population in state is largest among all 26 major tribe and more than 100 sub tribes of state. Nyishi population is residing in eight districts out of 26 district of state. They should lead the state like a big brother for peace, progress and all round development in best possible way. Said Changlang MLA and advisor to Minister PWD Phosum Khimhun.

Khimhun was addressing the public gathering on the occasion of Nyokum Yullo festival celebration at Nyokum Yullo festival celebration ground at Papum Pare district headquarter Yupia where large numbers of people take part in daylong celebration. As per senses the population of Nyishi brothers and sisters are largest in state and they occupied the eight district of state. Since they are in large numbers and  it should be the nedveviour that they should lead the state in best possible way for peace, progress and all round development. He said.

Nyokum is being celebrated by larger community and it does not limit to Nyishi tribe only but it is being celebrated by all the people and we believe that it is the festival fo elder brother and should be celebrated like of every tribes and community as it is celebrated across the state and any other parts of country where people of state reside. So it is upto the Nyishi brothers to lead the state as a big brother. He said.

Our tradition is our culture and our culture is our identity and our teibal people are rich in high traditional value and rich cultural heritage which we have inherent by our ancestors, so it should be our responsibility and duty toward its protection and protection by way our identity is intact. Arunachal Pradesh is equally know for land of festival so every festival are celebrated which have high significance and value in society so we should celebrate the Nyishi Nyokum with lots of traditional fervor and gaiety. He further appeal the younger generation to carry forward the legacy of our forefather so that our culture, tradition, rituals and identity remain intact. Added, MLA Khimhun.

PWD Chief Engineer Dani Gambo, social worker Lokam Loring, PWD, Itanagar circle SE C S Choutang, Highway Executive Engineer Bini Pelen, Yupia Nyokum festival overall Incharge Gyamar Takar Bharat among other have share their views and suggestion and take part in rituals an daylong celebration, prizes were distributed to the winners of sporting and cultural activities by the committee members. 

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