NMOPS Arunachal Pradesh state unit to continue with movement for restoration of old pension scheme and scraping of new pension scheme

ITANAGAR, NOV 18 : The National movement for old pension scheme, Arunachal Pradesh state unit on Saturday has reiterated to continue with the democratic movement for restoration of old pension scheme (OPS) and scrapping of new pension scheme (NPS) for the greater interest of the government employees serving in state and country.

The NMOPS, general secretary Dejum Yinyo inform the media that ‘ today meeting was a great importance and representatives from almost all the district of state and members of central executive committee (CEC) has discussed on the issue’. Everyone on this earth want that after their retirement form the active service that their old age is secure and without anybody help and support one can maintain their daily needs and livelihood but the new pension scheme has no such  provision to support the government employees after the retirement. He said.

Though few state government has already restored the old pension scheme and hope that the young chief minister Pema Khandu who always claim for the welfare of the people of state and development may discussed the matter with the state executive and organisation and he may also consider our prayer which we are doing for years back. Restoration of old pension scheme is much beneficial for the government employees. So far there are more than 29.000  government employees who have been affected. Time will come our state government led by Chief Minister Pema Khandu will understand the genuine demand which is in the form of prayer for us. He said.

There may be some problem with the state government but we are also not asking any such thing which may not be possible. We will continue to pray the state government who are our parents and guardian. We will continue to pursue for the restoration of old pension scheme and scrapping of the new pension scheme which is in the greater interest of the government employee of state and country. Said NMOPS generals secretary.

Today was the 2nd federal meeting at the Tarad Tanian hall of the Don Bosco convention centre,  Vivek Vihar under the chairmanship of CEC Dakmo Abo. Every speaker and member of CEC has shared their views and advices for strengthening of the organization and future movement for the right of the government employees of state. He said.

 Two point resolution was adopted on the occasion which include ‘ NMOPS will continue the movement for scrap of NPS and restoration of OPS without dependence and interference or intervention of any other organisation but with suggestion and advice of the CoSAAP’,  the organization has resolved to organize a mass rally to show the sentiment and grievances of NPS subscribers before upcoming general election 2024. He added.

However we shall always look forward to take advice, suggestion and advice by all organization and likeminded people of state and country in the movement for the welfare of the government employees specially with regards to the pension issues. He further said.  

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