Month-Long Pedagogic Workshop on Wancho Language Concludes in Longding District

In a resounding success, a month-long pedagogic workshop on the Wancho language came to a close today amidst a glittering closing ceremony. The workshop, organized by the Wancho Literary Mission in collaboration with the Assam Rifles, aimed to preserve and revive the unique identity of the Wancho tribe.

Led by Mr. Banwang Losu, a dedicated linguist from Kamhua Noknyu village, the Wancho Literary Mission has been working tirelessly for over a decade to create the Wancho script. Recognizing the importance of preserving their native language, the mission, in partnership with the Assam Rifles, organized the workshop to teach over 100 young boys and girls of the district.

From April 24 to May 28, the workshop focused on teaching phonetics, grammar, and cultural aspects of the Wancho language. The dedicated staff of the Wancho Literary Mission prepared grammar content, developed an e-dictionary of the Wancho language, compiled folk stories and songs, and documented age-old Wancho traditions and culture for future generations.

During the closing ceremony, the students who attended the workshop expressed their gratitude to Mr. Banwang Losu and the Assam Rifles for providing them with the opportunity to learn their native language. They shared their experiences and highlighted the significance of preserving their cultural heritage.

Earlier in the month, on May 20, the Assam Rifles Jazz Band captivated the workshop’s teachers and students with an electrifying performance. The musical extravaganza aimed to inspire Wancho youth to revive and celebrate their traditional folk songs, lullabies, and ethnic dances.

The grand closing ceremony, held in Longding town on May 28, was attended by Mr. Techo Aran, ADC Kanubari, and heads of civil society organizations. Colonel K. S. Gill, Commandant 40 AR, commended the sincere efforts of Mr. Banwang Losu and his team in revitalizing the Wancho language. He also praised the students for their dedication and hard work in pursuing this noble cause.

The event showcased songs and dance performances in the Wancho language by the students. Additionally, it featured an exhibition of books comprising folk stories in Wancho, grammar books, and an exhaustive e-dictionary prepared by the workshop attendees.

The Assam Rifles, known for ensuring peace and security in the sensitive Longding District, has consistently taken initiatives to encourage the Wancho tribe in preserving their unique ethnicity. Such gestures by the border guarding force have been widely appreciated. The remarkable efforts of Mr. Banwang Losu and his team in reviving the native language serve as an inspiration for other tribes in the region, making them worthy of emulation.

The successful conclusion of the pedagogic workshop marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to safeguard the cultural heritage of the Wancho tribe, fostering a stronger sense of identity and pride among the younger generation.

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