Internet users appeal to the authorities concerned to make their own arrangement during examinations

ITANAGAR, The internet users and general users of cellular services of state in general and capital complex in particular urge upon the authority concerned who conduct the interview for recruitment for various categories to make their own arrangement without stopping the internet facility.

The local mobile/cellular users said that when the highest machinery of state in the name of recruitment board or commission use to conduct the prestigious examination and other examination for recruitment for various post of various department of state which are being conduct in capital complex or in various part of state, they generally recommend for stopping of internet facility of all cellular services which is beyond imagination of general and innocent people who have not at all any relationship with the examination and interview but face inconvenience due to stopping of internet facility now and then. The consumers said.

The recruiting agency should have their own management to stop any unfair means if they suspect. If they suspect any unfair means may be adopted by the candidates or takes place the management/authority should strictly manage proper checking and frisking by the security officers/officials and deputing of invigilators, superintendent and examiners and officers who may maintain proper checking and monitoring of examination centers and several recruitment process on various point of time. The authority can also take help from internet providers and the security agency and experts. The authority can also put CCTV and jammers which can properly monitor the examination process for a peaceful and free and fair examination/recruitment process. But the authority without consulting any of the genuine citizens or agency simply recommend for stopping of the internet facility is not fair and the authority should think of doing in future and if possible they should take the view of the administration and civil society and CBOs as we are in technology age and frequently stopping of internet facility is not good which also hamper several other activities of general public and internet users and cellular. The consumers observed.

Is it necessary to shut down internet service during every such examination, shutting down internet service in the entire district/state is like that of emergency declaration. The consumers said.

As a consumer we are paying for it..Govt do not provide us free wifi or internet services to its citizen, we are paying from our own pocket, so govt should arrange jammer or alternate source for such situation in near future and should stop shutting down internet services for greater interest of its citizens. The consumer further said.

By Manoj Singh

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