Intense Battles at 21st Northeast Fide Rating Chess C’ship 2023 as Top 10 Boards Emerge

The 21st Northeast Fide Rating Chess Championship 2023 has seen fierce competition and thrilling matches as the event reached the end of its seventh round. With two rounds remaining, the top 10 boards for the competition on October 26, 2023, have been revealed.

Currently, the leader’s spot is shared by Mrinmoy Assam from Assam and Gurung Rahul from Sikkim, both amassing 6.5 points out of 9 rounds. Following closely behind are a group of strong contenders, each with 6 points, including Utpal Boruah, Neelabjyoti Borthakur, Iftikar Alom Mazumdar, Tanmay Rajbongshi, Dupit Tacung, Singh Soram Rahul, Madhab Sarma, Jajied Katrai, Raja Basar, Abhrojyoty Nath, Abhash Roimya Saikia, Dhruv Phukan, Silkam Sangma, Singh Y. Dhanabir, Gurung Rohit, Ninthem Oinam, Cheniram Pegu, and Bharat Lingi.

The 21st Northeast Fide Rating Chess Championship 2023, played according to the latest FIDE Rules of Swiss Manager, will culminate on October 27, 2023, with the champion being declared based on the highest points accumulated out of the 9 rounds. This prestigious competition has brought together 350 players from the Northeast region, showcasing their remarkable chess skills and strategic prowess.

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