Team ANSU Surveys NYC Convention Spot in Sagalee After 13-Year Hiatus

Sagalee, Oct 25: The much-anticipated Nyishi Youth Convention (NYC) is set to return after a 13-year hiatus, with Team ANSU, led by Gora Rikam Bhai, General Secretary and Organizing Chair of ANSU (All Nyishi Student’s Union), along with Central Executive Member of ANSU, conducting a site survey of the NYC Convention spot in Sagalee.

This convention holds special significance for the Nyishi community, as it last took place in 2010 under the leadership of Nigler Veo, who was the President at the time, and Nilly Lika Tabo, then General Secretary. ANSU, which has been instrumental in promoting the cultural heritage and unity of the Nyishi youth, has resurrected this calendar event after a long hiatus.

Gora Rikam Bhai, General Secretary of ANSU, serves as the Organizing Chairman, while Lingdom Kioda, the Art and Culture Secretary of ANSU, takes on the role of Organizing Secretary. The event is scheduled to take place in the mid of December of this year at Sagalee.

The convention serves as a platform for the Nyishi youth to showcase their talents in various domains, including cultural, sports, literary, and other co-curricular activities. With the theme, “Infinite Horizon, One Voice to Unleash the Power of Nyishi Youth,” it is poised to bring together the community’s youth to celebrate their culture and heritage.

Lokam Andrew Tajo, Secretary of Information and Public Relations (IPR) at ANSU, provided this information and highlighted the convention’s importance in empowering and preserving Nyishi culture, as well as fostering unity among the youth. The Nyishi Youth Convention promises to be a momentous gathering, rekindling the spirit of the Nyishi community after a long break.

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