Dy CM Mein attends the third day of 7th Nyishi Youth Convention at Sagalee as Chief Guest

SAGALEE, December 18: The Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein graced the third day of 7th Nyishi Youth Convention at Sagalee in Papum Pare district today as the Chief Guest. The programme is being organised by The All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) with the theme  ‘Infinite Horizon, One Voice to unleash the Power of Nyishi Youth’.

Addressing the youths, Mein called upon the youths of Arunachal to take the lead role for the development of a futuristic Arunachal Pradesh. He urged the members of All Nyishi Students Union to be a role model in this regard being a community based organisations of the largest community of Arunachal Pradesh. 

Emphasising on the ever evolving facilities available to the youths of today, Mein stated that Arunachal Pradesh has come a long way from the past. He recalled his own childhood, where there weren’t enough schools in the State, leading him to pursue his education in Assam. The people of the State were often referred to as ‘late starters’, owing to the lack of basic infrastructure and facilities in the past.

However, Mein stated that development in Arunachal Pradesh has caught up with other States in the region. Today, due to the active participation of the Govt, several infrastructural advancements have taken shape in the State, such as all-weather roads and highways connecting to remote border areas, air and rail connectivity and so on. Contrary to the opportunities in the past, Arunachal Pradesh today has innumerable schools and colleges in every district, catering to the educational needs of the students, along with improved healthcare facilities.

Continuing with the rapid pace of development in the State, Mein urged that the youths must prioritise their role in taking the progress forward. The Deputy Chief Minister noted that the current generation is driven by technology and therefore, the youths must tap into tech-driven solutions to create a sustainable future for the people.

Mein also commended the role of women in today’s fast-moving society, stating that women-led SHG units are receiving higher financial aid due to their stronger credit standing. At the same time, women today also occupy important seats at decision-making level, signifying inclusive empowerment.

Emphasising on the importance of preserving one’s cultural roots, Mein urged the youths to put efforts toward conserving their native languages, customs and values. He stated that without the youth’s participation, it will be difficult to save the cultural essence of the communities in the future.

Since the Nyishi community is among the largest communities in Arunachal Pradesh, Mein urged that the Nyishi youths need to shoulder the responsibility in the State’s holistic development, while being rooted to their cultural heritage.

He expressed optimism about the youths of today, as their collective contribution can make a huge impact in the development of the society.

The programme was attended by MLA cum former CM Nabam Tuki, MLA cum Advisor to Power, Balo Raja, MLA Tapak Taku, GS of Nyishi Elite Society Heri Maring, Chairman of KVIB, GoAP, Dominic Tadar, former Chief Engineer, Techi Rotu, Executive Members of the NES, land ANSU among others.

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