Construction of 1962 War memorial park at Neelam Village, Deed began soon. Final inspection held by DPDCAPL officers and official and other held on Sunday. 

Manoj Singh

DEED, SEPT 10 : To give due reorganization to the 1962 war hero from Arunachal Pradesh, the government has approved for construction of  1962 war memorial park at Neelam Village, Deed circle in Lower Subansiri district of state under budget announcement. Informed HPDCAPL Chairman and Managing Director Toko Onuj.

The HPDCAPL CMD Toko Onuj said that we are here to make a final inspection for further works allied by the Research department to start with the construction activities. Five crore has been announced as its first phase as many items has been proposed in 2nd phase. He said.

the War memorial park will not only have the place of status of Martyr Neelam Tebi who laid down his life of the cause of motherland and he was form Neelam Village and due to which the locals of the village has donated land free of cost and there are sufficient land for the purpose. He said.

All the officers and team of engineers and architect and local leaders of the area including the members of Neelam Welfare society. all facilities including sky walk, parking area and other facilities will be there. To make the area beautiful landscaping is there which will add to the beauty of the war memorial park, avenue plantation, gate and facility for sitting of visitors including tourist coming from far or near to the area may enjoy the place as well know about their war hero Neelam Tebi. He said.

Finally the local people of Neelam village in particular and state can now visit the War memorial park at Neelam village, Deed and the place will get more boost in terms of tourism development and economical activities unlike before and they wail also get more focus world over and name and fame of Martyr Neelam Tebi forever. At present the formation cutting for the approach road measuring around 1.6 KM has been done and side drain is iin progress, other works will take place soon. Added Onuj.

We are also in touch with the family members of the martyr in aces any change and modification in any, it is a happy to know that the locals of the has donated their valuable land for the purpose free of cost and is sufficed for the same. Another plot of land has also been provided to the army on way of JK road where they will construct transit camp which may help them to moister the war memorial park and celebrate the annual event. He further said. 

Meanwhile, the Neelam Welfare Society (NWS) while thanking the state government led by chief minister for approving and sanctioning of the project to give due recognition to the 1962 war hero and martyr Neelam Tebi and the land has been given free of cost by the people of Neelam village. There is no any dispute of land matters. We want that the war memorial park become a symbol of unity, integrity and a memory to the Martyr Neelam Tebi where people from all parts of state can country visit and enjoy and know about the place and people for great patriotism. We further appeal the state governed to provide sufficient fund for 2nd phase, 3rd phase so that the monument is completed in most beautiful way without any hindrances. This monument is not for the neelam clan, Nyishi tribe, Deed circle but it will stand as a mark of respect, regard to the 1962 war hero who laid down his life for the cause of motherland. 

Officers for HPDCAPL, Neelam welfare society leader Nyelam Tath, Neelam Mama and other accompany the inspection team and disuses various issue related to the upcoming 1962 war memorial park in memory of Martyr Neelam Tebi. 

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