CM bats for preservation of indigenous culture

Chief Minister Pema Khandu today attended the 55th community celebration of Reh festival at Anini in Dibang Valley district. 

Addressing the people on the occasion, Khandu reiterated his emphasis on preservation and practice of indigenous culture. He said that the Idu Mishmi has a much rich culture, which is more colourful and artistic than many cultures of the world.

“The intrinsic embroidery of Idu Mishmi costumes is incomparable. This wonderful tradition must continue,” he emphasized.

Khandu also reiterated the need to speak in local dialects so that these do not disappear under the influence of other major languages. He lauded the Idu Mishmi elders and community members for leading from the front by introducing teaching of Mishmi language in schools.

Remembering his last visit to the picturesque headquarters of Dibang Valley in 2020, wherein he was joined by critically acclaimed Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Khandu said that the natural beauty of the district has created a buzz in film world.

“Dibang Valley is nature’s gift to mankind. Once the stretch of about 20 kms on the Roing-Anini road is complete, not only the travel time will reduce but also offer smooth and scenic commute all round the year,” he said.

Khandu was optimistic that in a couple more years from now, Dibang Valley will become the most sought after tourist destination of the state, especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

“The state government is aware of it and we will ensure filling of any infrastructural gap to encourage tourism here,” he said.

He lauded the young entrepreneurs, social media influencers and local legislator Mopi Mihu for working and exposing the tourism potential of the district. He, however, advised them to aim for high-end tourism with focus on more revenue- less volume.

“I have been emphasizing on high-end tourism so that our state is not overcrowded with tourists that may affect our environment and biodiversity. Yes we need tourism to flourish but not at the cost of our environment,” Khandu asserted. 

Earlier in the day, the Chief Minister inaugurated 22 projects and laid foundation for 4 projects at Anini. 

Hosted by local MLA Mopi Mihu, Khandu is accompanied by MLAs Zingnu Namchoom, Nyamar Karbak, Kento Jini, Hayeng Mangfi and Phurpa Tsering on the 3-day Dibang Valley tour

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