MLA Techi Kaso appeal for preservation and protection of tradtion and culture

TORU, FEB 1 ; The Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso on Wednesday has appeal the people of state to work for preservation of tradition and culture for maintaining of identity and passed on to younger generation. 

Kaso was addressing a public function here at Toru circle headquarter in Sagalee assembly constituency of Papum Pare district on the occasion of inauguration of a Namlo ( a big traditional house near the festival celebration ground) in view of upcoming Nyokum festival of Nyishi community. Kaso made his claim in view of diminishing the tradition attire and performance of traditional activities among the younger generation.

He said the Nyokum festival is beign celebrated in the month of February by the Nyishi tribe which is the biggest tribe and we being Nyishi should act as a big brother and give a good message to all the brothers for peace, progress and development as well as preservation of our rich traditional value and cultural heritage of tribal society. The Toru Nyokum festival celebration committee is celebrating the 50 years of Nyokum festival in the circle so  the local people of Toru are celebrating the golden jublee so I have become a part of the celebration of the event. Today is be beginning and it will continue with several programme and the final celebration will be on February 26. He said.

Today is first day of the festival month and several festival are being celebrated across the state by various tribes of state and the people celebrate it with pomp and show and rejoice the occasion and share the happiness. Said Kaso.

All festival gives us message for well being of all human being irrespective of cast, creed and religion with a peaceful and co existence, peace, progress and development in all sectors. So it should be endeavor to join hands together to rejoice the festivity season for all round development of state and country. Said Kaso.

While extending warm greeting to the people Kaso said that the Nyokum Yullo is one of the most popular festival of state and express hope that its celebration will invoke the blessing of Ane Nyokum for peace, harmony, wellbeing and prosperity of all the people of state and country. Said MLA Kaso.

He emphasis the parents to guide their wards to maintain a discipline life and a drug free state as the deadly drug is damaging the precious life of the youths and everyone should try to extend helping hands with the respective people and organization engaged and fighting against drug addiction. We being Nyishi should always try play a vital role in channelinsing and mouldings the society in right direction for all round development. Added Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso.

Leporiang MLA Nabam Tagi who attended the function as guest of honour also spoke on the occasion and share his experience and appall the people of all six circle of Sagalee assembly constituency to celebrate the Nyokum festival in true spirit without any accident and incident with traditional ferviour.

Among others Toru ZPM Golden jublee Nyokum festival celebration committee organizing Chairman Taba Rama inform that several programme has been chocked out for the golden jublee celebration right form today onward, the sporting event will be kick off on February 3rd which will be inaugurated by Sports & Youth Affairs Minister. The cultural event will began on 

Pareng ZPM Nabam Yakum. Itanagar ZPM Taro Tagia, Doimukh ZPM Techi Rakap, Mengio ZPM Nabam Yazar, HoDs of the area, PRI leaders, GBs, youths, students among others attended the kickoff ceremony of Golden jublee Nyokum festival celebration at Toru.

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