Assam Rifles and Forest Dept Join Hands for Tree Plantation Drive in Changlang District

Changlang: In a collaborative effort to promote afforestation and raise awareness about its environmental benefits, the Assam Rifles, in coordination with the Forest Department, organized a tree plantation drive in Yongchik Village on 27th May 2023.

The initiative was carried out under the Arunachal Mission LIFE Campaign, a comprehensive program aimed at preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and ecological balance of the state. By engaging with local communities, the campaign seeks to sensitize villagers about the importance of afforestation and sustainable environmental practices.

The event commenced with an oath-taking activity, emphasizing the commitment of both the villagers and Assam Rifles personnel towards preserving nature and safeguarding the environment for future generations. Following the oath, a total of 600 saplings were planted by the enthusiastic participants, including villagers and members of the Assam Rifles.

The joint effort received high praise and appreciation from both the Forest Department and the local community. The Forest Department commended the Assam Rifles for taking the initiative to organize such a meaningful event that not only contributes to the ecological well-being of the region but also encourages community participation in environmental conservation.

The tree plantation drive at Yongchik Village serves as an inspiring example of collaborative efforts between the armed forces and government agencies to promote sustainable practices and raise environmental consciousness. The Assam Rifles’ commitment to environmental preservation reinforces their dedication to serving the community beyond their primary responsibilities.

Such endeavors are crucial in mitigating the challenges posed by deforestation and climate change. They serve as a reminder of the collective responsibility we all share in protecting our natural resources and creating a greener and healthier environment for generations to come.

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