ASBA planning for international standard badminton players, MOU signed with renounced coach of Indonesia

ITANAGAR, May 12:  The Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA) aiming for Olympic 2028 and improvements of players they signed a MOU with Muhammad Aras Razak , international renounce Badminton coach from Indonesia for two years.

The ASBA president Ratu Techi while addressing media persons here at Arunachal Press Club said that we have lots of expectations on the  coach Razak that he would be able to make a few best players in State on international standards who can compete at world level and represent state and country. Said Ratu. .

The Coach Razak has been championed for many national and international tournaments having more than 25 years of experience in coaching and has produced many international players. We have identified more than twenty potential athletes through the program “Catch them young” right from the age of 9 years to 17 years of age groups aiming for Olympic 2028 and beyond.

He also hopes that with the arrival of a highly skilled international coach, the face of ASBA and standard of players will go to a new height in days to come. Ratu added.

He also appealed athletes, parents and state government to extend their support for the mission to bring laurels for the state and country in near future and call upon the hidden youth to avail the presence of well equipped coach.

We have started a new chapter and a humble beginning in state in badminton with our road map for Olympic 2028 and we had able to manage an international level Coach for our state with help of state government and parents of players. Because though our youth have lots of potential but coach is very important to tech technical parts, said Bamang Tago, secretary General ASBA.  

Coach Razak also promised that after two -three years there will be many national players from Arunachal Pradesh in badminton and he will try to give best of his experience to the players of state. .    

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