Wangki Lowang inaugurates Digi-kaksha at Smart Govt UP School in Deomali

DEOMALI, May 27: Project Digi-kaksha, a sustainable Smart Govt Upper Primary School at NTC Deomali, was today inaugurated by PHE&WS, IT & DoTCL Minister Wangki Lowang.

Lowang inaugurated the project in presence of ADC Deomali Vishakha Yadav.

The initiative was conceptualized by the Deomali administration under ADC Vishakha Yadav in collaboration with PGCIL to overhaul the education system and bridge the gap between technology and education.

Digi-kaksha is the first one of its kind project in any government school of the State.

It has a 4K HD Interactive Android teaching board which will revolutionise the teaching and learning pedagogy. It’ll have pre-loaded (offline +online) creative learning content for classes Nur to XII based on the CBSE curriculum.

The content is custom made for slow and average learners with virtual experiments, PhET simulations and interactive question banks.

Based on the BALA (Building as a Learning Aid) model, Digi-kaksha will enable active learning and equitable access for students, thus democratizing the education system. The use of phonetics, animated and real life concept videos will empower even the children with special needs at the early stages.

While speaking on the occasion, PHE Minister Lowang stressed on the foundational learning and teaching kids on civic values like hygiene, anti-drugs awareness through the use of documentaries every week. He motivated the teachers and students towards the importance of education.

ADC Vishakha Yadav highlighted the volunteer-led evening Pathshala after school hours to re-initiate the dropouts back into the education system.

She mentioned the aim of the project is to address poor exam performance and rising dropout rates. The project was successful due to the convergence of all departments and stakeholders.

Learning will be made simple, fun and engaging for both teachers and students. Provision of teacher training and timely assessment is also there.

Digi-kaksha was executed by the BDO of Namsang Block in tandem with the BEO of Deomali to create a better tomorrow for today’s students.

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