Tagit Sorang-led 12-member team includes 2 from Nepal, gears up mission

Nipjyoti Kalita || NAHARLAGUN, Jul 12: A search & rescue operation team, led by renowned mountaineer Tagit Sorang, is gearing up the mission in search of missing Everester Tapi Mra and his assistant Niku Dao.

The 12-member team, which includes two experienced Everesters from Nepal, is prepared to embark on the search and rescue mission.

In an exclusive telephonic interview with Arunachal News Live, Tagit Sorang, appointed as the team leader by the Department of Youth Affairs, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, stated: “We are ready to depart from Kyarisatam.”

The team has organized two planes, designated as Operation A and Operation B, to facilitate the search operation. Currently, an advance team has been dispatched to the first base camp with necessary supplies for the rescue mission. They are expected to report to Seppa by July 16-17, Sorang informed.

Sorang further revealed that two experienced sherpas, Gelji Sherpa and Furi Sherpa, have arrived in Itanagar today to join the search team.

“Both sherpas have extensive experience, with Gelji having reached Everest 11 times and Furi 8 times. They have participated in numerous critical search operations and are familiar with the area, having previously been to Kyasatam with Tapi Mra in 2019,” Sorang added.

Despite facing obstacles such as delays in fund disbursement, unfavourable weather conditions, and a shortage of porters, Sorang expressed confidence in the team’s ability to overcome challenges.

He also mentioned that a request had been made to the Indian Army for a backup team during a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner, but there has been no response from the authorities so far. Sorang emphasised on the need for effective communication among team members in the hilly terrain, considering the distance gaps.

Sorang highlighted the team’s preparedness for the search operation, stating, “We have all the necessary equipment, including metal detectors and various devices. We have also planned for a drone team, which can be deployed by helicopter if weather conditions permit. The drone team will significantly aid our operation.”

Despite limited resources, Sorang is determined to lead the team in bringing back a comprehensive report on the missing Everest climbers. The team will commence the search once the advance team returns, Sorang confirmed.

In a noteworthy development, the Tagin Cultural Society and Tapi Mra’s family welcomed two sherpas from Nepal, who will be joining the search operation for the missing mountaineers.

Sorang made an appeal to the people of the State as well as well-wishers, friends, and family members of the missing climbers, to pray to God for the success of the mission and the safe return of the team.

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