Siking Koje Charitable Society members inspire hope at Achukuru Mother’s Home

Yingkiong, Jan 08: Today, the compassionate members of Siking Koje Charitable Society, led by chairperson Dr. Mity Jopir, embarked on a heartfelt visit to Achukuru Mother’s Home and Child Care Institute in Ziro.

During their visit, the team engaged with Taliang Shanti and the residents of the Mother’s Home, expressing admiration for the dedicated work being carried out.

Dr. Mity Jopir shared her deep emotional response, stating that witnessing the endeavors of Taliang Shanti and her team has ignited a renewed commitment to serve the underprivileged and needy. The visiting members were moved by the resilience of the inmates and pledged to contribute more to uplift those in need.

As a tangible gesture of their support, the Siking Koje Charitable Society donated blankets, warm clothes, and other essentials as a token of love, providing comfort and warmth to the residents of Achukuru Mother’s Home.

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