SIC arrested 3 person including one SE, EE in Seppa-Chayang Tajo road fiasco

ITANAGAR, SEPT 7 : The Special investigation cell (SIC) of the APP  (Vigilance) has so far arrested three person in connection with the Seppa-Chayang Tajo road fiasco vide SIC (Vig) PS Case No-2/21 ll/S- 120(b)/420/465/471/409 IPC R/W SEC-13(l)(c)(d)13(2) PC Act 1988,dated 5/03/2021.

The SP SIC (Vigilance) Dr. Hemant Tiwari in a press briefing here at AP Civil Secretariat late evening informed that as of now three persons have been arrested which include Tare Murtem. age 43 yrs, Executive Engineer, PWD, Nacho division (One of the incumbent and former Executive Engineer of  Chayang Tajo PWD division) was detained in the intervening night of 5th and 6th Sep 2021, after detailed questioning he was arrested on 6  September. He has been produced before Special Judge (PCA), Bomdila and has been granted 14 day police custody.

The other former executive Engineer  Doba Jini,age 56 yrs currently posted as Superintendent Engineer in Office of the Chief Engineer, Itanagar was arrested on Tuesday evening. The third person who has been arrested is Ramesh Babu D, S/o Lt Krishnaiah Naidu, Managing Director, M/S DRB Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Tare Murtem has been remanded to police custody while Doba Jini and Ramesh Babu will be produced before the court at Bomdila. Said SP SIC.

There were two complaints which include one by Payi Gyadi, Social Activist who alleged that Gammon India won tender in 2008 to construct 81 km road from Seppa to Chayangtajo under NEC. through the Ministry of DoNER, government of India. More than 1 Billion payments were made to the Gammon India Ltd. but not a single road was properly constructed. No sufficient men, machinery, and office found in the Project site. Only one bridge over Pachi river at Seppa town was found but that is also of inferior quality. As per the MoA, 11 bridges, 289 culverts, 44 retaining & breast walls are to be constructed but works not existing on ground. Additional fund of Rs.60.66 crore was sanctioned in May ‘2017 & agreement was made with M/S Gammon Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Ltd. The company is looting public money without works on the ground. the complainant alleged. Said SP Dr. Tiwari.

Another Complaint dtd. 19/02/2021 with the captioned subject UFIR against PWD Chayangtajo over fund embezzlement in C/o Seppa-Chayangtajo (NEC) Road)” has been submitted by Chakang Yangda, President, All East Kameng District Students’ Union (AEKDSU), and two others. This complaint has been merged with the instant case as the matter is the same. Said SP SIC.

The investigation team has seized documents of viz bills etc & scrutinized the documents spanning to 12 years of project time and SIC team has also visited the Seppa to Chayang Tajo NEC road for ground verification. Scrutiny of documents has revealed that there is very less physical achievement in comparison to funds spent. He said.

The 2 PWD Divisions Chayang Tajo Division & Bameng Division while 3(three) Companies –  M/S Gammon India Ltd, Mumbai, M/S Gammon Engineering & Contractors Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, and M/S DRB Infrastructure, Hyderabad, are involved in the case including many other local firms and private individuals. He informed.

The team led by OC SIC DySP L.Dawa, Investigation of the case (IO)  of the case Inspector S.Roy and other officers including Inspr T.Habung, Inspr T. Nega, Insp B Krong, Insp K Tao, Insp K Lama and other ranks have worked closely on this case and have been successful in arresting following persons after their prima facie involvement in the case is revealed.  He said.

It is to further divulge that SIC is looking for Nyakpu Yangfo Executive Engineer C’tajo PWD division. Currently he is at large. He has not been cooperating with the SIC for long. He has approached the Itanagar Permanent Bench of  Gauhati High Court for -Interim relief which has been denied today. He said.

There were around ten engineers who supervised the road, the works were to be implemented in two ways which were investigated. We are not going to arrest all of them and it is a matter of investigation. But we will examine other engineers and also the concessionaire who are also under the scanner. The exact amount may be known from the PWD as the road work was for thirteen long years. Apart from investigation of the case we have  been relying on the report after the technical committee constituted by the Deputy Commissioner who have verified the case and have found that the work has not been done as per DPR. Dr. Tiwari said.

With regard to the TAH case, Dr Tiwari said that there are two cases one of Joram-Koloriang and another is of Bopi-Potin road. With regard to Joram-Koloriang road the investigation part is completed and awaiting prosecution sanction on a few accused and as soon the approval is arrived we will file the charge sheet. With regards to the second case of Potin-Bopi and we have prepared the draft charge sheet and waiting for prosecution sanction, as soon as we receive the approval we will field the charge sheet the case is being supervised by the Itanagar bench of Gauhati high court. He said.

With regards to the DFO Banderdew officer case, the SP said that we are waiting for the FSL report of the audio and video.

SP further said that there is no pressure but we are concentrating on the case and assured that no innocent people will be harassed. He further appealed to the public to support the investigation of such cases.

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