Red Panda rescued and rehabilitated in its natural habitat


A Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) which was rescued recently from downstream of Yargyap-Chu River in Mechukha Sub-Division in Shi-Yomi District has been released back into its natural habitat by the Forest Officials and Administration on Saturday morning.

Red Panda rescued and rehabilitated in its natural habitat

Reportedly, Tony Mosing and Takar Kotin Mosu of Mechukha town spotted the exotic animal which was weak and clinging on to a log in the river. The duo rescued the Red Panda and handed it over to the Forest Department under Tanga Murtem, RFO Mechukha, who decided to release/rehabilitate the animal in its natural habitat.

This is the first documented case of Red Panda in Shi-Yomi though claims of sighting of animals have been made several times earlier.

A team including Dr Honjon Perme,CO, Mechukha, Tanga Murtem, RFO, Marbom Sora, DyFR, along with rescuerTony Mosing and Takar Kotin Mosu transported the Red Panda to 15 kms from last outpost and successfully released the animal in its natural habitat.

The Samaritans who rescued the animal were handed over with cash awards as a token of appreciation by the department of environment and forests.

Meanwhile, State Assembly Speaker Pasang D Sona, who represents Shi-Yomi district as MLA, lauded the Forest Department and Administration for the commendable job.

“I personally congratulate and commend young RFO and his team and CO Mechukha for their commendable initiative to release the endangered species back into its natural habitat,” Sona stated.

He also appreciated the rescuers duo and exuded hope that their noble act will inspire others to do the same. He further appealed to the public not to kill wild animals and protect the ecosystem. 

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