Minister SJETA Alo Libang assures salary regularity to WCD staff

ITANAGAR, JUNE 25 ; The Minister for Women & Child Development, Social Justice & Empowerment and HFW Alo libang has informed that the State government is also very much concern for the welfare of its employees and will take suitable policy changes to ensure that the employees of WCD do not suffer due to non-release of their salary regularly

LIbang informed that we have also come to know of the grievances being faced by the employees and recently on June 22 has discussed the various employees forum and organizations executive members and representatives and has gone though grievances submitted and basically for non receipt of salary regularly and problems being faced by the rest family members for several family problems right from education, loan and medical treatments etc. He said.

He assured to take up the matter with Chief Minister and also with  Deputy Chief Minister/Hon’ble Minister (Finance) to solve this Issue and to ensure monthly release of salary of regular staff, wages of contingent workers and honorarium of AWWs and AVVHs by adopting suitable mechanism so that the process of file in various level do not get delayed. He said.

He expressed that it is beyond his understanding why such routine matters are not being dealt and resolved timely and why can’t a system be devised for time bound approvals for such matters. Further he urged all his cabinet colleagues to look into all such cases across the departments and devise a mechanism for timely resolution

“I have directed the officers of the department to create a mechanism suitable for policy changes to ensure that the employees of the department do not suffer due to non-release of their salary regularly”. LIbang said.

“ I do agree that due to irregular release of monthly salary of staff of Anganwadi services Including Honorarium of AWWs and AWHs face lots of problems in the Covid pandemic and I  am also very much concerned on the issue”. He said.

The matter has been thoroughly discussed by the officers of the department and I have requested the officers to rededicate themselves for the cause of welfare of the staff and ensure that they do not suffer much. He said.

The process of release of fund under salary from the Govt of India or obtaining loan from state govt to till granting of expenditure authorization by the PFMS cell Including release of central share/state share by Planning and Investment Division, providing budgetary support by Budget branch, then cabinet subcommittee approval and FD concurrence before sending for expenditure authorization to PFMS cell which takes time and due to which the payment of salary get delayed. He observed.

However, we have met the representative of the employed and were explained the process and will see that the process and system of getting approval of the salary component of the employees of WCD are shortened and the staff get their salary on a regular basis. LIbang added.

However, as per WCD department employees forum sources informed that the forum has submitted one point demand before the department to migrate to treasury mode of payment from the present PFMS system on or before August 10 2021 or else they will resort to democratic protest.

As per information from the employees forum the department employees who did not get salary on regular basis are approximately 13,328 out of which there are more than 870 regular employees with 6225 anganwadi workers and 6225 anganwadi helpers.

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