Peaceful Protest Held Against Mega Dam Construction in Siang valley

ITANAGAR, SEPT 14: The All Adi Welfare Society Youth Wing organized a peaceful rally opposing the construction of a mega dam in the Siang valley at Geku and Dite-Dime today, with hundreds of residents from both banks of the Siang river participating in the demonstration.

The peaceful rally aimed to voice concerns against the construction of the mega dam in the Siang valley. Additional demands included no compensation, no displacement, no surveys for pre-feasibility tests, the repeal of the Forest Conservation Amendment Act-2023, and the cancellation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed between the Arunachal Pradesh government and the power development company, among others.

Dikent Libang, President of the All Adi Welfare Society (AAWS) Upper Siang District Unit, stated that the protests were conducted peacefully to convey a clear message to the administration and government that the local population does not support the construction of a mega dam in the Siang valley. He emphasized that their democratic movement would persist to prevent the mega dam in their region.

Several organizations participated in the rally, including the Geku Students’ Union, All Komkar Students’ Union, Adi Students’ Union, Geku Katan Intellectual Youth Forum, Magong Banggo Students Union, and Nuggong Banggo Students’ Union. Approximately 400 individuals joined the rally, which was organized to protest the proposed mega dam construction at the Geku-Dite Dime area, spanning more than 10-15 kilometers, according to youth leader Libang.

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