PAJSC began its four days sit on dharna on its 13 points charter of demands and others on APPSC paper leakage scam

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, OCT 28 : The Pan Arunachal joint steering committee (PAJSC) on Arunachal Pradesh public service commission (APPSC) paper leakage scam began its four days sit on dharna to pressurize the state government and others for fulfillment of its 13 pints charter of demands.

Speaking to media, the   PAJSC Chairman Techi Puru said that our demand is not something like others but our demands are genuine in nature and it is in the greeters interest of APPSC aspirants and their parents and family members and our younger generation. We want that a robust system is being developed in the commission but the system being violated by its members since 2014, 2017 and again in 2022. We are in democratic movement since then demanding for a clean and robust public service commission without black spot on them. He said.

Someone even try to distract us but our movement for demand of justice will continue and we will continue with the peaceful democratic movement until the justice is delivered. He said.

Every day after, month after and year after the age of the aspirants are going g but the state government need to be serious and simply replying in media will not yield any result but the state government need to very serious and take some serious decision in the greater interest of the APPSC aspirants and the upcoming younger generation. Said Puru.

The claim of state government of addressed all the 13 points charter of demands is not true and if it is true then the state government should address the public and clarify point by point as till passing of more than one year’s why the Taket Jerang has not been expelled from the service instead of that he was given forced retirement if I am not wrong. Question PAJSC Chairman Puru.

We want a resolution and don’t want to agitate but the way state government is dong seems that they are not very serious and want that the issue remain same and it may become major issue of state if continue. Where will the thousands of APPSC aspirants will go if the slow pace of investigation continues and the commissions is not constituted. We have never criticized the government for what they did like CBI investigation, ED investigation but if the court prove investigation is not given then everybody know that what will happened in time to come and the youths may be frustrated in want of APPSC examination in want of job. He said.

The decaying system is destroying the dreams and hope of thousands of  educated youths, aspirants of state, so everyone wants a solution and resolution and state government should without wasting time should try and come forward for immediate solution of the problems. He said.

The 13 points charter of demand which was submitted to the state government earlier which include all the chairman, secretary, members and all others officials of APPSC from 2014 to 2022 must be immediately brought under preview of investigation and if any discrepancies are found reported, arrest must be done immediately. Immediate constitution of fast track court for prosecution of the accused involved in the APPSC paper leakage scam. Immediate establishment of state administrative tribunal. Immediate endorsement of ED and court monitored probe and also immediate seizure of assets, properties of all the accused and the incumbent of the APPSC alongwith their kith and kins. Immediate disclosure of status of various departmental enquiry (DE) reportsinitiated so far against the various suspended or arrested officials and subsequent dismissal/termination thereof. Immediate disclosure of three members committee report. Suspension of all the examination, any exams found to be involved with malpractices like of paper leakage scams must be immediately be declared null and void. He said.

But the state government has done something which we praise but its not enough and the state government should come up with a clear intention and  decision for a clean, transparent and robust commission for the thousands of aspirants of state. He said.

Since the APPSC Paper Leakage Scam which got exposed on 28th August, 2022 has been in the pipeline for more than one year now, and to be precise, it has been more than 7 months now since the written assurance by the state government on 8th February, 2023, without being fulfilled. The government somehow failed to stand by their own commitments as per the assurances on the issue. The gravity of the ongoing issues carries serious implications for the present as well as for the future generations, therefore, the necessary responsibility of the state government cannot be sidelined or ignored, where the state government must proactively initiate the necessary measures to secure the present as well as the future of the state. He said.

Immediate approval and implementation of the construction of the “Statue of Honesty”. for the  whistleblower Gyamar Padang made a remarkable contribution in exposing the APPSC Paper Leakage Scam so the state government Is requested to immediately approve and implement the construction of the “Statue of Honesty”. He said. 

Our peaceful democratic movement will continue and we  placed our charter of demand before the government for immediate resolution. The PAJSC Chairman added.

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