NPP demanded all party meeting on Arunachal-Assam boundary issue

ITANAGAR, JUL 30: The National People’s Party (NPP) state Unit has demanded for ‘all party meeting’ on Arunachal-Assam boundary dispute issue.

The newly appointed State NPP President Mutchu Mithi, MLA appealed to the state government for conduct of ‘all party meeting’ where inputs from all parties should be heard regarding the boundary dispute issue between the two states Arunachal and Assam during a press conference here on Friday

Mithi said, “We believe that amicable solutions can be found by internal talks as both the states are ruled by BJP government”, stating that the boundary dispute issue between the two states is a long pending issue, and the matter is under Supreme Court which will take time to announce its final decision.

The all party committee should sit together several times before having discussion with several party leaders, students leaders, CBO, intellectuals and local public leaders suggestion need to be taken up. He suggested having collectively discussions with the counterpart to come up with a solution as it is a sensitive issue and to avoid similar and unfortunate violence erupted between Assam and Mizoram few days back

Convenor NPP Jarpum Gamlin claiming that there was a press statement earlier, wherein an understanding have been reached between the Chief Ministers of two states Arunachal and Assam, mostly to settle the matter outside the court so that there is a speedy process in solving the issue

Welcoming the statement he urged the State government to be vigil and go ahead with the decision 

“It is sad that many a times the government has failed to handle the internal boundary dispute issue; therefore, conduct of all party meeting is must because NPP will not compromise with the interest of Arunachal Pradesh”, said Jarpum

 “Our inspirational are regional but our ambitions are national”, said State NPP President while appealing the citizens to support the party promising to work for the interest of people.

The general public wants that to lead a dignified life and we will always try to bring the public grievances before the government for a concrete resolution with regards to development, peace and progress of the state in all spheres of life of the people of state.
We will ensure to highlight all the genuine grievances of the people of state in assembly and outside the assembly.

Former Minister Thangwang Wangham and former MLA Paknga Wage also spoke on the occasion. 

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