Need to preserve the priest culture: Deputy CM Chowna Mein

NAMSAI, April 05:  Attending the Mopin Festival at Solung-Mopin Ground in Namsai, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein said that we have to preserve and keep alive the priest culture. He said, “Govt will not leave any stone unturned to preserve the rich culture and traditions of our tribal people” and added that for this purpose, priority has been given to culture and traditions under ‘our culture our pride’. He said that the Department of Indigenous Affairs have received the highest enhancement in allocation of fund in the last one year with Rs 42 Crore during the year 2021-22. He further informed that Rs 4 Crore has been kept in the Budget 2022-23 for payment of honorarium to the indigenous registered priests.

                He also called upon the young generations to carry forward the legacy of preservation of our rich cultures and traditions saying that we must be proud of our own cultures & traditions which we have inherited from our forefathers.

He further said that since agriculture is the mainstay of the rural economy, increased in allocation of fund has been made to the Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana and Atmanirbhar Bagwani Yojana apart from introducing three new schemes namely, Atmanirbhar Plantation Crops, Atmanirbhar Pashu Palan and Atmanirbhar Matsya Palan with a motive to make agriculture sustainable and self-reliant for the upliftment of rural economy.

Mein assured to provide fund for construction of a community hall in the Solung-Mopin Ground in Namsai and asked the Deputy Commissioner, Namsai to prepare an estimate for the same.

On the occasion, Mopin Festival Celebration Committee have felicitated Smti Gunavati Namchoom Tango for providing fund for the construction of gate for Solung-Mopin Ground in memory of het late husband.

Among others, Namsai MLA Chau Zingnu Namchoom, MLA Lekang, Jummum Ete Deori and retired IAS, Tape Bagra also spoke on the occasion.

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