NECASICON 2023: A Landmark Surgical Convergence in Arunachal Pradesh

NECASICON 2023 unfolded in Arunachal Pradesh on November 17th, hosting two days of profound scientific discussions that united delegates from across India. This marked the first-ever international standard surgical conference in the region, attracting renowned figures such as Dr S K Jain, President of the Association Surgeons of India (ASI), and Dr Sarfaraz Baig, an international expert in hernia and bariatric surgery.

The event, organized by the North East Chapter Association of Surgeons of India (NECASI), featured panel discussions on anal fistula, piles, and safe gall bladder surgery. Distinguished personalities like Dr Juginandra Sorokhaibam and Dr Parvez Sheikh led these sessions, addressing prevalent health concerns in the area.

The success of NECASICON 2023 can be attributed to the dynamic leadership of Dr Saia Chenkual and Dr Jayanta Kumar Das, Chairman and Honorary Secretary of NECASI, respectively. Dr Jadav Nabam and Dr Ojing Komut played pivotal roles as Organizing Chairman and Organizing Secretary, orchestrating a seamless event.

Delegates from diverse scientific backgrounds gathered to explore innovative concepts and engage in thought-provoking conversations. The program showcased a spectrum of scientific domains, from cutting-edge technologies to fundamental research. Keynote speakers set the tone for enlightening discussions on topics ranging from medical advancements to space exploration.

Notably, the event witnessed the first postgraduate paper presentation competition in the surgical field in Arunachal Pradesh, featuring participants from various Northeastern states’ medical colleges. This underlined the commitment of the local surgical fraternity to uphold scientific standards at the national and international levels.

NECASICON 2023 not only provided a platform for showcasing ongoing research but also fostered networking opportunities, enabling delegates to establish meaningful connections and collaborations. The interactive sessions and panel discussions addressed pressing scientific challenges, paving the way for potential solutions.

As NECASICON 2023 concluded on November 18th, it left an indelible mark, testifying to the vibrancy of the scientific community in India. Delegates departed with renewed inspiration, poised to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of scientific discovery.

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