Miscreants attempt failed to dragged away the SBI ATM from booth but damaged

BANDERDEWA, 26 Jul: Two masked miscreants made failed attempt to drag out the ATM locker from the SBI ATM booth located near Gate 1 of the Police Training Centre (PTC) here at the wee hours of Monday and damaged it. Informed Capital SP Jimmy Chiram.

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As per video footage circulating in social media seen that two masked miscreant are seen entering the ATM booth at around 2:17 am and breaking into the back room of the booth. They were masked. The lights of the ATM go out soon, but the night vision mode captures their movement and shows that they are damaging and fiddling with the locker of the ATM.

Banderdewa Police Station was alerted by the SBI ATM staff in Hyderabad at around 2.35 AM about the security breach in the ATM near Gate 1 of the PTC. SP said.

A team headed by ASI J Tam, with head constable SK Jha and others rushed to the spot but could not find anyone there. He said.

“Our team was alerted and sent to the location but we did not find anyone at the spot. The miscreants attempted to drag out the ATM with a rope, probably tied to a vehicle outside, but the vehicle is not visible in the CCTV footage. The ATM locker was also found open and damaged,” the SP said. .

The police suspect that the miscreants must have fled the scene on hearing the police siren.

“Some petty amount might have been stolen from the reject bin of the ATM. The ATM was dragged out of the booth causing damage to property. A huge amount of money was saved due to the quick response of the CCTV monitoring team and police,” he said.

Meanwhile, a written FIR was received from Executive Field Operation FIS Payment Solution & Services India Biswajit Sharma regarding the vandalism of the ATM under section 427/ 380/ 34 IPC r/w Sec 3 PDPP Act. He said.

A case has been registered and the matter is under investigation. SP added.

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