Man allegedly ‘attempted to rape’ his 13-year-old step-daughter, girl’s mother files FIR

ITANAGAR| JUNE 27 : A man allegedly ‘attempted to rape’ his 13-year-old step-daughter in night hours at around 10 pm on June 14 at Indira Gandhi Park. The alleged accused is reportedly absconding to evade the arrest of the police. This information was given by the Killo Welfare Society (KWS) in a press conference held at the Press Club on Monday afternoon

Addressing media persons, chairman, KWS, Arun Killo said that the society came to know about the incident after the mother of the girl registered an FIR after two days after the incident. He expressed regret that the police were unable to trace arrest the alleged accused even almost after two weeks of filing and registering the FIR.

The FIR was filed by the mother of the victim against her husband but the police is yet to arrest the alleged accused so far.

The copy of the FIR provided to press states that on June 14, the alleged

accused/father called up the girl at around 9.30 pm and told her that her mother had been admitted to the hospital again. He told her that her mother asked him to get some clothes for her and asked her(Step daughter ) to bring some clothes to IG Park Itanagar.

Later when the girl came to the said place with clothes, the alleged accused/step-father touched her body inappropriately and tried to rape her. The FIR said.

However, the girl somehow managed to escape from the spot, and luckily two anonymous men present near the spot in 1G Park helped her and took her to the house of the alleged accused’s brother.

According to the FIR, the girl’s mother was admitted to Mission Hospital Itanagar on June 9 but was later discharged the same day.

When she returned from the hospital to her rented house, her husband had already gone to the workplace in Poma village. Later when her husband did not return home even after a lapse of about 3 days, she went to the workplace to look out for his

husband / alleged accused.

However, she could not locate the whereabouts of her husband/alleged accused at her workplace and returned to her rented house on June 15. To her surprise, her daughter was also not present at the rented house.

Further inquiry led her to the alleged accused brother’s residence where her daughter was taking refuge and there she narrated to her mother the whole incident.

Meanwhile, KWS has requested the police to trace out the alleged accused at the earliest and book him under the appropriate section of the law,  award exemplary punishment so that no one dares to commit such a heinous crime in society which is an shameful act. The KWS Chairman Arun Kilo added.

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