Local residents of Hollongi Karbi village appeal for alternate rural roads

HOLLONGI, Jul 30: The upcoming and Construction of Green Field Airport, Hollongi led to the cutting off the Hollongi Karbi village of Balijan Circle under Papum Pare district, the villagers facing lots of problems due lack of proper link road for the village.

The only link road which was links the village with Rajghar Ali of (Assam Arunachal boundary road) the main rural road link but now said road land was acquisition by the Airport Authority India for construction of Hollongi green field Airport from state government and but state government and concern authority forgot the village and till date they did not provide any alternative link road for villager, which may lead to created big problem to the villager at present especially this rainy season villager facing lots of problem and the village cut off from rest of the world, said Talo Langneh, Gram panchayat member of Hollongi Karbi village.

We are also welcoming all the developmental activities in our area and in our area at present two big projects are undergoing and the boundary wall of the developmental project is covering our village and there is no proper link road to connect the rest of the country has been either earmarked or available. Once the wall is completely closed then we will have no alternative but to live in a locked area. He said.

We are also human beings and more than 1000 people live in this village, so he requested the state government to give attention to their problem and provide a proper link road for the village. The present link road in the village is also in bad shape and vehicular movement is not at all possible and everyone has to face lots of untold suffering. He said.

He also said that villagers have yet to receive compensation in the name of village link road from the Airport Authority of India, so AAI can’t block our link road till it provides an alternate link road to villagers, he added.

He also informed that in this regards we have submitted a memorandum to the our local MLA, requesting fund for maintenances of Sangtam exiting kuccha road which can be help to connect the village with others but till date no result has been arrived and hope that our local MLA can do some better for our problems.

So he requested the state government, Papum Pare district administration and concerned authority to immediately provide road connectivity for their village.

As per our request at present AAI did not block our lone road but one day they will be blocked, but the road is in very bad condition. It is not motorable, we are facing lots of problems nowadays, especially patients from the village. Said one lady from the village.

During the rainy days the local river passed through the rural road and its condition remained horrible. Said another lady.

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