Laisam Simai re-launched divisional library

JAAIRAMPUR, The IPR & Tourism department Advisor and Nampong MLA Laisam Simai on Monday has re-launched the divisional library and dedicate to the public service after a gap of 9 years, 

Addressing the function, Simai highlighted the motive behind relaunching  is to create a Centre of learning for the youths and students in particular and the people of 51- Nampong (ST) Assembly Constituency as a whole. The library will not only be a source of books on various issues but would work as a source of information in several fields and collection of various needful and updated books.

Simai appreciated the Sub Divisional Administration Jairampur for creation of a conducive study environment by introducing facilities like Air Condition, inverter and toilet provisions with an addition of more than 600 books meant for kids, academics, Competitive examinations, literature, motivational books, books of Arunachal Pradesh and so on. He exhorted the youths and students to develop the habits of reading books and make oneself fit to survive as a respectable and honourable life through acquiring knowledge.

While starting Library movement at Jairampur Sub Division earlier Simai has allotted funds under his MLALADS 2021- 2022 for renovations of the Library  building and endorsed the task of relaunching of Sub Divisional Library Jairampur to Additional Deputy Commissioner Jairampur.

ADC Jairampur Ibom Tao expressed his gratitude to Dr.Devansh Yadav Deputy Commissioner Changlang for motivation to his friends from Mumbai Maharashtra for donation of books for Library movement of Changlang District and  contributed a share of kids books for Sub Divisional library Jairampur. He appealed to the Government employees, business communities and eminent public to join with the Sub Divisional Administration in the Library movement by contributing books and to create awareness and habits of reading books among the young generations.

He quoted, drops of water makes a mighty ocean, donation of a book will make the Sub Divisional library  Jairampur as one of the best Library in the region and will help to build countless numbers of human resources

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