IOC launched Q & Q campaign for customers of Arunachal Pradesh

NAHARLAGUN, NOV 24 : The India Oil corporation (IOC), Assam Oil Division (AOD) on Thursday has launched campaign for checking quality and quantity  (Q & Q) of fuel from retail outlet in various parts of state for its valued customers.

The officers of IOC & AOD led by its field officer of Naharlagun RSA Tage Nobin launched the campaign for its valued customer and make the customer friendly and to maintain transparency among the customers of its products. The launching programme was held at M/S Konam oil service, Borum on TAH between Naharlagun and Yupia in presence of dozens of customers. 

Several demonstration were also displayed by the officers to several customer including the vehicle owner and drivers and commuters on the occasion. Few gifts were also distributed to its customers on the occasion.

Speaking to media, Nobin inform that customers are valued people and they have all right to know the quality and quantity of the products which include the diesel and petrol for which they are paying. They all right to know the quantity and quality of the diesel and petrol which they are buying for the petrol pumps.  He said.

Every retail depot will kept the kit to check the quantity and quality of the fuels and staffs working at the pump will help the customer in testing the quality and quantity. The customers has to satisfy themselves if they want to have a checking even on otherwise if they being a customer think to know and understand the quality and quantity of the fuel being given in their vehicle. He said.

The checking will give assurance go the quality and quantity of their fuel they are filling in their vehicle. Good quality and correct quantity of fuel if your right and you can get experience in anyone of the IOC depot across the state. He said.

Customers are the most important person, he is not dependent on us but we are dependent on them and the customers are for increase of our business and we are serving them and they are favoring us by paying for the quality and quantity of fuel given to them. Said IOC Officer Nobin.

This initiative will help to check the fuel standard at petrol pump and step to satisfy the customer and make friendly with the customer. He said.

This checking and testing is not to check the problem but to restore the customers confidence. It will also help to promote the transparency of the quality and quantity of the fuel sold at the depot. He said.

To check the quality of petrol one can put 2 drops of petrol on the  filter paper, if the petrol is adulterated it will leave stain on the filter paper in five minute because petrol evaporate faster. In case of quantity one can verify the accuracy of the dispensing pump with five litres calibrated measurement available with the dealer. There is available kit to verify the density and check the variation. Added Nobin.

As per information there are more than 110 petrol depot of IOC in state while other company which include NRL, BPCL, Essar are operating several petrol pumps in various parts of state.

[24/11, 19:41] Manoj Singh:  Q&Q assurance given by IndianOil to its valued customers. Be a part of #ChecknWin campaign by visiting our petrol pumps.

[24/11, 19:43] Manoj Singh: Throw filter paper check.

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