IMC Mayor appealed the denizens to strictly follow the COVID-19 SOP’s to restrain the virus in spreading further

 ITANAGAR, May 15:  In view of the surge of COVID cases in the capital and state as a whole despite one week of major containment in the state capital, Mayor –Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Tame Phassang has appealed the denizens to strictly follow the COVID- Appropriate Behaviour to restrain the virus in spreading further.

 Speaking to reporters, the Mayor informed that IMC has been sanitizing all the public places like Banks, Police stations, and other establishments since the last few  days and on the request of the various religious leaders, IMC today sanitized various religious institutions in the capital region.  He also informed that if anyone wants to sanitize their area they may call the IMC through their local corporators for the support and sanitization.

 “IMC, Administration, Health Department and Police are doing their part, but they cannot alone contain this virus, what we need at this hour is the support from the public,”stated Tame Phassang. While appealing to the denizens to extend  support  to the authority  in the fight against the virus, he  stated, maintaining COVID- Appropriate Behaviour and Vaccination is the only solution to restrain this virus from spreading further.

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