Hundreds of people from various walk of life joined the team of former Home Minister Kumar Waii. Waii sought public support in 2024 election

SEPPA, FEB 10 :The forner Home Minister Kumar Waii roar again and said that the present government has not delivered what much desired expectation of development in all front. It surprise to know that every candidate are in a party and only one will get ticket so its better that I should be elected as I am lone candidate of the congress in Bameng.

Addressing the huge gathering at a  function here at Nimbu Pani area in Seppa, Waii allege that the present state government led by Pema Khandu has failed to reached upto the expectation of the masses. Though the Bigham has been created and ctedit goes to people bit the ruling party should not play politics in the name of new district which was a longbfely demand. He said.

There has been several issues which has not been resolved. Several issues which was supposed to be taken care are still unsolved. He said.

I have been the former Home Minister of state and I was defeated by the rulling bjp party thinking that Kumar Waii may become chief Minister. Even if I was defeated. But My morale and enthusiasm will never be defeated by any forces and I will always work for the people of 8th Bameng Assembly constituency. He said.

I have taken decision for upgradation of socio economic development and all round development of Bameng Assembly Constituency in particular, East Kameng district and state as a whole. He said.
I am thankful to thousand of supporters and well wishers for patiently waiting for last five years and I will never let their stamina and morale down and I will try my best effort to win the race in upcoming election from Bameng. Added Kumar Waii.

I am not against any candidate but its upto the general masses to think of my experiences amd works which has been done by me previously. He said.

I am a outspoken person and will always raise the issues which I find not suitable for my people and not in the greater jnterest of the people and welfare. He said.
There are several candidate in other party but I am single in the congress. I have a quality to take care of my people and I will check all state of affairs and will ensure that the necessary development and infrastructure come up. I will always stand for the cause people of Bameng. He said.
We all are human being and shold respect each other and its better that the people of Bamng elect me for the betterment, development and welfare in fastrack manner. I will always be your leader and will guide you as an advisor but you have trust on me.. He said.

Hundreds of people from various walk of life joined team Kumar Waii and the former Home Minister accepted into the team and aks them to strengthened the congress at grassroots level and extend support and coperation in the upcoming election to win the race from Bameng.

APCC General secretary and Incharge Upper Subansiri district Bem Maching, general secretary incharge East Kameng district Joro Doka, East Kameng disteict congress committee President Loma Richo, former student leader Dr. Tayek Sonam Waii,

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