GSP Aims to Transform State Politics, Plans to Field 35 Candidates in Upcoming Assembly Election

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: The Gana Suraksha Party (GSP) is gearing up for the upcoming elections with a mission to reshape the current political landscape of the state and eliminate the prevailing money-centric culture in Assembly and Member of Parliament (MP) elections. The GSP intends to contest in 35 assembly seats in the 2024 elections, as stated by the National spokesperson of GSP, Toko Sheetal.

Sheetal elucidated the background and objectives behind the formation of GSP, emphasizing the vision of its founders, Heera Saraniya and Lok Sabha MP, to uplift tribal communities and foster regional and national development. Given that Arunachal Pradesh comprises 100 percent tribal population, GSP has emerged as the preferred choice for the welfare and service of the state.

The party’s primary objective is to curb and eradicate the Money Culture in elections, which has contributed to corruption and hindered overall state development. She called upon everyone to unite and support the clean election initiative while strengthening GSP as a formidable opposition party.

Sheetal announced her appointment as the National Spokesperson for GSP, with Likha Tagu taking the role of State President. Her focus, however, is on serving the state as a Political Advisor for the party. GSP’s future agenda centers on advocating for Tribal rights independently, without relying on third parties.

GSP vehemently opposes the money-driven election process and corruption, with aspirations to become a potent opposition force. The party will prioritize state issues on the national stage and welcomes like-minded individuals to join their political family.

Sheetal highlighted that corruption often begins at the grassroots level when voters demand money from candidates for support. To usher in a new and developed Arunachal Pradesh, visionary leaders with a genuine commitment to the state’s betterment must be elected, she added.

Additionally, Likha Tagu has been appointed as the new State President, and Yidik Lombi as the new Secretary General of the party’s state unit.

While acknowledging the immense challenges in transforming the state’s political scenario and eradicating corruption, Sheetal emphasized that someone must take the initiative, and with collective support, positive change is attainable.

GSP President, Likha Tagu, and Secretary General, Yidik Lombi, also addressed the media, pledging their commitment to the party’s development and strengthening within the state.

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