Governor, First Lady of the State plant saplings on WED

Itanagar, June 05: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B. D. Mishra (Retd.) and the First Lady of the State Smt Neelam Misra planted saplings of Cherry Blossom in the Raj Bhavan premises, Itanagar on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June 2021. India is celebrating with 143 other nations this special day for the ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ theme. The Governor expressed hope that the world will surely build a bond, and reset its protective relationship with nature. He said that ecosystems support all living beings on Earth. The stronger our ecosystems, the healthier our planet Earth and its people will be.

The Governor said that today, ecosystem degradation has emerged as one of the biggest environmental threats around the world. Rejuvenating our ecosystems will protect and improve the subsistence of the people who exist with it. It will also help to dispel diseases and reduce the risks of landslides, floods, soil erosion and other natural disasters. In fact, Ecosystem restoration helps us achieve all human friendly amenities and Developmental Goals.

The Governor said that restoration of Ecosystem can happen in many ways, like the planting of trees, adding to the greenery in our habitats, preservation of flora and fauna and by keeping our water bodies and rivers clean. The Governor urged upon the people of the State to extensively plant trees.

The Governor said that for every tree felled in any developmental project, twenty trees must be planted by the concerned agencies under the guidance of the Environment and Forests Department.

The success of the ecosystem Restoration is inseparably linked with the positive initiative and contribution of each one of us, the Governor said. We must make the start for patronising the nature. Let’s get suo moto active and voluntarily participate in Ecosystem Restoration activities so that we can gift a better environment to the posterity.

On this occasion, the Governor also appealed to the people to strictly follow COVID Appropriate Behaviour by wearing face mask, maintaining social distancing, frequent hand wash, not spitting in open and getting vaccinated at the earliest available opportunity, to keep everyone safe from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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