Dozens of cattle trap (manholes cover) damaged or stolen away along the Highway in city, administration still in deep slumber. 

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, SEPT 4 ;  Reportedly dozens of cattle traps lying on roadside covering the roadside drainage along the National Highway-415 has been stolen away and due to which the commuters has been facing lots of trouble in waking through pedestrian of main thoroughfare of the Itanagar capital city of state is matter of great concern.

Reportedly media house including the India today, Arunachal news live and others has already focused in their respective channels that the commuters are facing lots of untold suffering and the open drain is source of danger and a risky affairs and a source of danger for life of commuters in the Itanagar city in several parts along the National Highway-415 right form Bank TInali to Ganga. 

As per a copy of complain mad available to this daily said that The PWD Capital Division A Executive Engineer Tarh Gungkap has made a complain to Itanagar police station stating that “ On 3rd September it was found that ten nos of manhole cover were found missing from the footpath along wall of unity on NH-415 at Civil Secretariat, ITanagar. Therefore it is requested to verify the matter and the report may be treated as FIR”. The complain added.

However it is to mention that this is not the first instances of stolen cattle trap and manhole cover of the drainage along the NH-415 but anyone can witness and observed that there are dozens of such uncover manholes all long the National Highway and the administration and government is waiting for any unfortunate incident which may lead to unfortunate death of any pedestrian if the area falls under darkness.  

The local commuters who carry evening and morning walk allege that several roadside drainage are uncover and some of them are huge and in case any pedestrian meet with accident and loss their life who will be held responsible. There should be an authority from Smart city, Itanagar municipal corporation (IMC), Itanagar Capital complex administration, PWD Department, Highway department to take care of the public property but in the instances case the PWD has made a complain to Itanagar Capital police for only the manhole cover of the roadside on AP Civil secretariat but who will file complain for the rest of the manhole cover and damaged manhole cover and several uncover drainage which are source of danger for the local people of the Itanagar capital complex in time to come.

The local commuters also allergy that what is the capital administration waiting for, it is matter of regret concern that no one is  bothering for it but in case and accident takes place then everyone will speaks and blame others. 

It is to mention that there are more than dozens of such dangerous area along the NH-415 in capital city which are lying uncover and damaged and un-hygiene manholes but who care and its seems that the administer is still in deep slumber otherwise lots of action and attention might have been given in the greater interest of the public servce. 

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