Deputy CM Chowna Mein Chairs Preparatory Meeting for 24th TCC & RPC Meeting in NE India

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein of Arunachal Pradesh held a preparatory meeting today to discuss the upcoming 24th TCC (Technical coordination sub-committee) and RPC (Regional Power Committee) meeting of the North East Regional Power Committee (NERPC). The meeting is scheduled to take place on June 15-16, 2023 in Tawang, and it marks Deputy CM Mein’s first official meeting as the Chairman of NERPC.

The primary objective of the preparatory meeting was to oversee the preparations for the upcoming TCC and RPC meeting, with the goal of facilitating uninterrupted power supply in the region and identifying any bottlenecks in the process. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the program, SE Nangkong Perme (E) SO & PSC made a detailed presentation through a PowerPoint presentation.

The North East Regional Power Committee (NERPC) consists of 24 constituent members, including the seven Northeastern States and Hydropower developers. These members are responsible for coordinating and managing various aspects of power generation, distribution, and consumption within Northeast India. The role of RPCs is crucial in ensuring the reliable and efficient supply of electricity, promoting inter-regional cooperation, and addressing issues related to power infrastructure, grid stability, energy planning, and policy development.

The preparatory meeting was attended by several key officials and advisors, including Balo Raja, Advisor to the Minister (Power), Anupam Tangu, Advisor to Deputy CM, Ginko Linggi, Chairman of the Technical Coordination Sub-Committee, S Aimol, Director of NERPC, and Superintendent Engineers (Power) Nangkong Perme and TK Tara. Their presence highlights the importance attached to the preparations for the upcoming TCC and RPC meeting.

The forthcoming 24th TCC and RPC meeting of NERPC in Tawang is expected to be attended by approximately 100 delegates. This meeting will serve as a platform for discussions, collaborations, and decisions regarding power generation, distribution, and consumption in the Northeast region. By addressing the challenges and concerns related to power infrastructure and ensuring effective coordination among the member states and developers, the NERPC aims to enhance the overall power sector in Northeast India and contribute to its sustainable development.

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