Capital MLA Techi Kaso appeal the denizens to maintain precautionary measures and remain away from riverside and down below mountain

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 9 : The Itanagar Capital complex local MLA Techi Kaso has appeal the denizens to capital complex to maintain precautionary measures and remain alert as a safety measures during inclined weather. 

Kaso was speaking to media after visiting and inspecting several places affected by cloud burst, flash flood and landslide on Monday afternoon and Tuesday early morning. He said that we are experiencing the heavy downpour and landslide across the capital complex and for last few weeks and the people are facing untold sufferings. Due to heavy rain several rivers and nallas and flowing high and landslide are seen across the capital complex. We are witnessing disaster all around only due to nature fury with loss of life and property so it is better to remain safe and we can only remain safe if we maintain precautionary measures he said.

The people living on the river bank and down below the high mountain may shift to safer place at least for few months during the monsoon and also those whose house are on steep slope may also face problem so for time being it necessary that we all have to remain alert only as a safety measures. He said.

Construction of retaining wall and protection wall without proper planning may not serve the purpose so it would be better if a permanent solution of the such repeated disaster and loss of life and property are taken up. He advocate that whenever they start for construction of such protection works then these  department to carry out such works  with proper planning and permission from the concerns agency and authority and department. He added.

He said I have carried out inspection in various colony,  sector along with other local leaders and inspected the damaged caused due to landslide and flash flood and heavy rain and found that several damaged due to no proper plan construction with no protection measures and the general public are suffering since the onset of monsoon. Kaso said. 

When his attention was drawn on the bad shape of road of Modirijo and Jully-Papunallah road, Kaso said fund has already been placed before the department and the department is processing for tender works and soon the CC Pavement work may be taken up on both roads. 

Reffering to the destruction of several parts of four lane road and several parts of NH-415 from Hollongi-Itanagar and other TAH and highway in state, Kaso said I am seriously concern on the issue and demand that the officer of Ministry of Road Transport Highway (MoRTH) who has been posted for state and office is located at Tezpur should without any delay should visit and inspect the damaged caused to highway by the natural calamity and send the report to the ministry for restoration, repairing and maintenance. Kaso added.

Kaso also extended some help and support to the victims on the occasion.  

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