BMS lauded Khandu led government for salary hike of workers community

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, JAN 2 : The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) on Tuesday has lauded the Pema Khandu led government in state and his cabinet colleague for approving for salary hike of the workers community of state.

Briefing the media, the BMS state president Ringu Chapo said that that the BMS has been doing its best effort to pursue all the matter of workers community of state and shall continue to fight for the rights and privilege for the workers and labourer community of state. There has been several demands put forward to the state government from time to time and one of the important demand is the salary hike has been fulfilled and it is a happy moment for the labourer community of state and we acknowledge of the work done by the Pema Khandu led government. Said Ringu.

During the occasion of the national labour day celebration of state we submitted memorandum with 15 pint charter of demand with a request to the chief minister which include enhancement of minimum wage @ Rs. 18000/ per month, one time implementation of regularization in favour of engaging contractual service and contingency workers who are serving more than 15 years, implementation of pension scheme for casual and contingency paid workers including honorarium paid workers, up-gradation of grade pay from existing grade pay of Rs. 1900 to Rs. 2400 in favour of same works charge and skilled workers, enhancement of salary (honorarium) with monthly payment and regularization/ promotion of Aganwadi workers and helpers, enhancement of salary (honorarium) monthly basis and regularization/promotion of ASHA workers and ASHA facilitators, creation of Arunachal Pradesh motor transport workers welfare board, granting of private transport workers, shops and commercial workers,  aganwadi workers and ASHA workers to get register under APB&OCWWB to avail its benefits, providing of parking places under twin capital city with good sanitary facility for private transport workers and transporters, construction of rest house near national highway for commercial transporters specially for Truck drivers, regularization of employees of APB&OCWWB or enhancement of salary, stopping of contractual appointment and regularization of all the contractual employees, providing of vending zone for street vendors, establishment of separate labour court and others. He said.

The present wage was not sufficient to accommodate the workers monthly eatable commodities due to highly price rise in the market of various commodities and with the rise of monthly salary at least some of the much desired commodities may be fulfilled. The increase of the monthly salary of the workers community might motivate the workers to rededicate themselves for work with a renewed zeal for the development of state. We are happy with the decision of the state government and we appreciate the decision take by the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu. He said.

The workers community are equally important to build up the state and nation as a whole and has been sacrificing their valuable life in the service of public and rights and privilege meant for the much needed community should be given timely and properly so that the workers community shall always work with dedication and sincerity, The BMS always emphasis that the workers who are working for more than 15 years in the services are regularized. He said.

Few important demand, request and appeal of the BMS are still to be consider and we hope the issue of Aganwadi workers and helpers, ASHA workers and ASHA facilitators and the grade pay issue are also considered on priority basis at the earlier. He Said.

It should be our endeavors that we being the working class should also put all out effort to build our state and like to see that our state also become developed like of other states of the country and the salary hike by the state government may be benefited to more than seventy five thousand workers of state.  

As per order approved by the Finance, planning and investment department the government of Arunachal Pradesh has issued an order Date December 13th supersession to its earlier order of 29th June 2023 with enhancement of minimum rates of wages in respect of various categories of un-skill and skilled  contingent employees / casual workers, labourers / ALCs employees under government of Arunachal Pradesh with effect from October 2023. 

With the approval of revised rate the unskilled workers whose length of service from 0-5 years with enhancement of Rs. 1000 shall be now Rs. 12000 and skilled workers will have Rs/ 13000. The unskilled workers whose length of services from 6-10 and salary has been hiked to Rs. 13000 while the skilled workers salary has been hiked to Rs. 14000. The unskilled workers whose length of services is 11-15 and salary has been hiked to Rs. 14000 and the salary of skilled workers shall be Rs. 15000. The salary with hike of Rupees one thousand the unskilled workers whose length of services 16-10 are can draw Rs.15000 and skilled workers can draw Rs. 16000 per month. The last category of the unskilled workers whose length of services are above 20 years can get monthly salary of Rs. 18000 whereas the skilled category workers will get Rs. 19000 per month respectively. 

It is also mention that the contingency employees / labourers serving in Area-II (difficult area) notified by the government in the state would also be paid an additional difficult area allowances or Rs. 500 per month with the enhance rate of salary.    

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