ABK YW and AKAWS appeals to the state govt for creation of infra in Si Yomi district

ITANAGAR, JULY 27 ; The Poor road conditions, drinking water problem and crisis, lack of proper infrastructure development, precarious mobile connectivity have made life difficult for people living in Tato, Manigaon and Pidi administrative circles in Shi-Yomi district. ABK YW and AKAWS appeal to the state government for the creation of infrastructure and other amenities for public convenience.

ABK-Youth Wing Shi Yomi District Unit gave this information while highlighting the innumerable problems of the people of the newly created Shi Yomi district on Tuesday here at Arunachal Press club.

Addressing a press conference, President, ABK youth wing, Si yomi district, Lipor Ragyor said that Tato, Manigaon and Pidi administrative circles in Shi-Yomi district are the most neglected circles in every sphere of development in the state and the people have been facing several problems in compare to that of Mechuka.

Alleging that Development activities are being carried out at Mechukha depriving the remaining 3 administrative circles,  Ragyor said that the present legislator is doing Development only in Mechukha while other parts of the district including the district headquarters based at Tato are languishing in darkness. It can be seen by anyone who visits Tato and Mechuka. Tato has been declared the district hq but the headquarter lacks all facilities and officers hardly attend to the district hq. no one is there to take care of the state of affairs and all the officers do their duty as you like basis.

 ” There are villages in the district where there is no proper power supply or even no proper road connectivity.  The irregular supply of drinking water has made the life of the people miserable in Tato,” informed, President, All Kochung Ao welfare society, Tago Kochung.

Kochuing said that Mechuka has been developed as a hot tourist destination and remaining area including the district headquarters is still languishing in backwardness.

“The pathetic condition of roads, educational and medical infrastructure, drinking water crisis in district headquarter Tato are few examples which shows that the people living in the 3 circles are deprived of even basic necessities,” Koching added

Early completion of 100km 2 lane project from Tato to Taliha being executed by Border Road Organization (BRO), completion of pre construction activities such as measurement and compensation related issues of double laning of Pane to Tato road,  upgradation of strategic Tato to Tadadege in Manigaon,  disbursement of full  stipends  to students in ShiYomi District were organisation other  key demands.

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