A unique photo of the busiest checkgate of Arunachal Pradesh

A unique photo of the busiest checkgate of Arunachal Pradesh

BANDERDEWA, MAY 10: A unique photo clicked at the busiest checkgate of Banderdewa in Papum Pare district of Arunachal Pradesh on May 10 (Monday) during the 1st day of lockdown of 2nd wave of Covid 19 pandemic.

The Banderdewa checkgate is one of the busiest entry points of the state of Arunachal Pradesh where thousands of people come and go everyday including thousands of motor vehicles pass every day and night and the street remains full of vehicles and people. The Banderdewa is the entry of several district of state which include Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, East Kameng, Kra Daadi, Kurung Kumey and Kamle but the photo speaks that this is a simple entry gate for entry of few people with essential duty and few vehicle passed with essential duty and few of security personnel’s.

On Sunday the same check gate has witness that more than five-eight thousand people has gone out and more than one thousand people and vehicle has entered inside with essential and other duty and also more than five hundred people has tested for Cvoid 19 but today the capital complex and a part of Papum Pare district witness full containment order  (lockdown) owing to rapid increase of Cvoid 19 positive cases has change the scene of the checkgate where the domestic animal (Cow) was seen moving in between the chekgate on the highway in front of main checkgate.

All these show the lockdown effect. So it is earnest to appeal to all sections of society to understand the appropriate Covid behavior and obey the SoP and guidelines issued by capital administration, health department and state government in the greater interest of the health services of the people of state.

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