Youth leader Taring Mayu to contest election from 18-Palin-Chambang assembly constituency, will seek party ticket form BJP

ITANAGAR, FEB 4 ; Youth leader and entrepreneur Taring Mayu on Sunday has declared that he is also in race to contest the upcoming assembly election from 18th Plain-Chambang assembly constituency of Kra Daadi district and I will seek party ticket form the ruling BJP and one of strong contender.

Addressing a huge gathering at Batt Village nearby capital complex, Mayu said I have joined the ruling BJP party as it is the largest party and I feel it would be my opportunity to be in the BJP. I joined recently but it was not a big porgramme so today the people of area wants to listen to me and I have spoken to them of my porgramme and policy to them. He said.

When I am in party and I am young and a deserving one and I will seek party ticket and I am one of the strongest among one. He said.

I have served several section of society since my school days and I will continue to serve the society and seeking party ticket and will contest election from 18-Palin Chambang assembly constituency. He said.

People have seen several leaders creativity, innovative since creation of Kurung Kumey district to present stage and I find that I may do some better. Today I have officially declared and the public has been attaching with my vision and policy for the assembly constituency. 

I have been inspired by the leaders like KIren Rijiju, Pema Khandu, Tapir Gao, Nabam Rebia. I will abide by the party decision and once I am elected I will do the works in different way for betterment of the area, district and state as a whole. Added Taring Mayu

As per information there are five aspiring candidate out of which four are in the BJP which including sitting BJP MLA Balo Raja, former student leader Byabang Taj, Takam Tatung and Taring Mayu while former Minister Takam Pario is seeking form Congress. 

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