US Presidential Chef Joins ICFAI University Sikkim as Professor of Practice in Hospitality Team

Itanagar, April 28: ICFAI University, Sikkim has made a major leap in the field of hospitality education by recruiting Martin CJ Mongiello, the Chief Chef of the United States Presidential Culinary Service, as a Professor of Practice in the Hospitality Team. Professor Mongiello has served as the Executive Chef and Manager of the United States President for over 30 years and has brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to the undergraduate students of the hospitality department at the university.

As part of his new role, Professor Mongiello will be teaching a range of online classes on various topics related to hospitality. His vast experience in the hospitality industry, coupled with his exceptional practical skills, will ensure that students receive top-quality education and training. His 53 years of experience have led him to hone his marketing companies in blockchain, VR, AR, XR, MR, and AI, and he also writes business plans with 6000 students using them in marketing, advertising, publicity, branding, and promotion to achieve world sales of products at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UNC Kenan Flager, and NYU Stern.

The Vice Chancellor of The ICFAI University, Sikkim, Dr. Jagannath Patnaik expressed his pleasure at having Professor Mongiello on board. He said, “We have always been forward in taking the University to an International Level. Having Professor Mongiello join our team is a huge step towards achieving that goal. We are confident that our students will benefit greatly from his experience and expertise. As an expert in curatorial work and mesmerizing, captivating, cutting-edge, highly-awarded skills, Professor Mongiello together with his team has been giving exceptional training and placement assistance to the students worldwide and our students too now have the opportunity to benefit from their expertise and gain valuable world experience.

The addition of Professor Mongiello to its faculty is a testament to ICFAI University, Sikkim’s commitment to providing world-class education and training to its students. The university is well on its way to achieving its mission of becoming a leading institution in the field of hospitality education. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from a highly respected chef with a wealth of experience, and it is expected to benefit the students immensely.

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